University of Maryland

SoDa Center COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS) team awarded the 2022 AAPOR Policy Impact Award and the Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award!

Meet the 2022 Award Winners! There were many qualified nominees making this year’s selection especially difficult, but our volunteer judges rose to the occasion by selecting a worthy recipient in each category. We are pleased to announce this year’s award winners!   We invite you to take time to get to read more about these individual and congratulate them in person during the annual Awards Banquet at the AAPOR 77th Annual Conference in Chicago.   If you have any questions, please reach out to  

AAPORBook Award  
Matthew J. Salganik
Bit by Bit: Social Research in the Digital Age

Burns “Bud” Roper AAPOR Fellow Award  
Anna-Carolina Haensch
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Alexander Hollister
Melike Sarac
Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies
Mariel Leonard
German Center for Integration & Migration Research (DeZIM)  

AAPOR Inclusive Voices Award  
The National Latino & Asian American Study (NLAAS)

AAPOR Policy Impact Award
COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS)

AAPOR Public Service Award  
Emilda B. Rivers
National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics 

Seymour Sudman Student Paper Competition Award 
Winner: Shiyu Zhang
University of Michigan
The Additional Effects of Adaptive Survey Design Beyond Post-survey Adjustment: An Experimental Evaluation  
Honorable Mention: Victoria Asbury
Harvard University
Truly American: A Multidimensional Experimental Approach to Unpacking the Symbolic Boundaries Around American Identity  

AAPOR StudentConference Travel Award  
Jing-Jing Shen
Harvard College
João Areal
University of Mannheim
Dominic Skinnion
Harvard College
Jacob Beck
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Adam Stefkovics
ELTE University
Angela Pashayan
Howard University  

AAPOR Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline
Danielle Ayon and Heather Kitada SmalleyWillamette University

Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award  
COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS)